Harmonic Fifth

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The quintessential ‘Cymaglyph’. This sound mandala features layered 5 point pentagonal patterns.

“Five marries male and female - as two and three in some cultures, or three and two in others - and so is the universal number of reproduction and biological life. A fibonacci number, it is also the number of water, every molecule of which is a corner of a pentagon. Water itself is an amazing liquid crystal lattice of flexing icosahedra, these being one of the five Platonic solids, five triangles meeting at each point. As such, water shows its quality as being that of flow, dynamism, and life. Dry things are either dead or they are awaiting water.” - Quadrivium

The colours of light used in this work symbolise a connection with nature and remind of our blue planet earth.

Created by a resonance with the pure sine wave frequency of 26.8hz.

Allow the mysterious beauty of sound to bring novelty, balance and harmony into your sacred space with a signed, limited-edition photography print. (Only 20 produced)

Size: 22in (56cm) x 22in (56cm), or 16in (40cm) x 16in (40cm)

Printing: Printed on your choice of 310gsm high quality fine art Rag Photographique Paper. (Best option for full effect) Or Endure premier photographic Lustre, slight shine and textured. (Prints are Unframed)

Shipping: 100% carbon neutral delivery. 6 USD Australia, 9 USD New Zealand. 13 USD Worldwide.

(Made fresh to order - will be sent from Australia within 1-3 working days)