'Enlil' - 50Hz

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Cymatics Photo of light over Water Waves, dancing to the Sound Frequency of 50Hz.

Named after the ancient Mesopotamian god associated with wind, air, earth, and storms. Who’s name translates as "Lord Wind”.

Enlil was associated with the number fifty, which was considered sacred in the Sumerian numerological system.

Appreciate sound, music and vibration on a deeper level of intimacy with a signed, limited-edition photography print. (Only 20 produced)


Size: 22in (56cm) x 22in (56cm), or 16in (40cm) x 16in (40cm)

Printing: Printed on your choice of 310gsm high quality fine art Rag Photographique Paper. (Best option for full effect) Or, Endure premier photographic Lustre, slight shine and textured.

(Prints are Unframed)

Shipping: 100% carbon neutral delivery. 6 USD Australia, 9 USD New Zealand. 13 USD Worldwide.

(Made fresh to order - will be sent from Australia within 1-3 working days)