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Faraday waves, also known as Faraday ripples, named after Michael Faraday, are nonlinear standing waves. When the vibration frequency exceeds a critical value, the flat hydrostatic surface becomes unstable. This is known as the Faraday instability.

Radiating dance of ripples arranged featuring different 'postures', created by three high tone frequencies.

These sound-over-matter Mandalas are an essential feature to Sacred Sound-Healing spaces.

Allow the mysterious beauty of sound to bring novelty, balance and harmony into your sacred space with a signed, limited-edition photography print. (Only 20 produced)


Size: 12in (30cm) x 36in (90cm)

Printing: Endure premier photographic Lustre, slight shine and textured.

(Prints are Unframed. White border in display image is not part of the print)

Shipping: 100% carbon neutral delivery. 6 USD Australia, 9 USD New Zealand. 13 USD Worldwide.

(Made fresh to order - will be sent from Australia within 1-3 working days)