Note A - 1728Hz (55x55cm)

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The pattern of this work was created naturally by the physics of acoustic sound vibrations through this very plate of metal using note A - 1728Hz (55x55cm framed).

To understand the beauty and power of Sound over matter, click here to see a video of it in action (Note these are different to the water/sound images, as these are one-off physical pieces)

Sand is sprinkled chaotically over the Chladni plate before becoming orderly and patterned, only when vibrating to its particular resonating sound frequency.

My mission is to share the beauty of sound as art, as a healing pathway to the sacred within. Through my dance with the physics of vibration, to remind how magical and interconnected everything truly is.

We all feel an innate enchantment toward music. It is embedded and entwined within the substance of who and what we are. Not only in our insatiable urge to create music since the beginning of culture, but in the patterning of meaning, and the ever pull toward harmony and rhythm in the cycles of nature.

I see this exploration of solidifying the primal, universal Chladni patterns, as a sort of sacred language, a physical fingerprint of the voice of the particular medium I vibrate.

These works reveal a fundamental story, a representation of the transformative flow from chaos to order, and it is my Intention that the viewer appreciates sound on a deeper level, while being brought into Harmony with the musical nature of our world.