Echo of Polyhymnia - 29Hz

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Named after Polyhymnia, “The one of many songs” the Muse of sacred poetry. Polyhymnia is also sometimes credited as being the Muse of geometry and meditation.

Featuring three Cymatics photographs of the same frequency, but increasing amplitude, and thereby increasing complexity.

Created by photographing light reflections off the surface of water while being vibrated to a resonant mode, forming standing waves of interference. See behind the scenes here.

Allow the mysterious beauty of sound to bring novelty, balance and harmony into your sacred space with a signed, limited-edition cymatics photography print. (Only 10 ever produced)

This work reveals a fundamental story, a representation of the transformative flow from chaos to order.

Mandalas are universal to the human psyche. We recognise them everywhere across time and culture, all the way to macro worlds of nature itself.

Size: 12in (30.5cm) x 36in (91.4cm)

Edition size: 10

Print: 310gsm Fine art print on Canson Platine Fibre Rag, 100% cotton. Slightly textured, sheen surface.

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