41Hz (Note E) - Black

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This Photo was created by a physical resonance with the pure sine wave frequency of 41Hz.

Light is reflected on the surface of a circular body of water, while being vibrated by Sound.

At specific resonant modes, the waves intersect harmoniously, and we see wonderful geometric forms come into being.

The pattern appears organically, and this is captured as a long exposure photograph. See behind the scenes here.

'Cymatics' is the physics of sound made visible. 

Appreciate sound, music and vibration on a deeper level of intimacy.

This work reveals a fundamental story, a representation of the transformative flow from chaos to order.

Mandalas are universal to the human psyche. We recognise them everywhere across time and culture, all the way to macro worlds of nature itself.

Notice how the mathematical ratios of these naturally forming Sound-Mandalas align with elements of sacred geometry.

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